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White Rabbit/Black Jack: The Wonderland Duology thrillers

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Do you love thrillers? 

Are you enamored by twisted fairy tales? 

Is Alice in Wonderland one of your favorite books? 

Then you'll love my Wonderland duology, White Rabbit and Black Jack


Dark. Grimy. Unsavory.

It didn’t use to be this way. It used to be fun. It was downright enjoyable once upon a time, back when the Red Queen had her way.

When the Red Queen ran things, everybody was happy. Yeah, everybody was high as a kite all the time, seeing things that didn’t exist, but at least it was a gay old time.

Since the city council arrested the queen and outlawed White Rabbit, the drug she used to lace the water supply, was banned, all that has changed. Now, the NARCOs run Wonderland with an iron fist.

Alice Liddell has joined the NARCOs, the most powerful police force in the land, to keep drugs off the streets, especially White Rabbit.

But now, a new dealer has exploded onto the scene to claim the throne of Wonderland, and it threatens the fragile peace that has existed since the Red Queen’s imprisonment.

Can Alice find this new threat before it brings Wonderland to its knees?

Why would you even do this to a beloved classic, you monster? 

Alice is my favorite literary character of all time. I love her so much that I have read both of her books at least 100 times. Every time I read it, I think it must have been written in a fever dream. The way Wonderland acts always makes me feel like she's on a strange, ethereal drug trip. 

Then, I had this very weird idea that maybe it was a drug trip, and maybe the Red Queen had drugged everyone, which led me to the idea that maybe, just maybe, the people of Wonderland revolted against the Red Queen and the drugs were removed from the water supply. 

Would that be a good thing for Wonderland? Certainly, it would seem that way, but what if the real world was too much to handle? What if reality kind of sucked? What would people do in order to get back to Wonderland? What would they give up? What would they risk? 

Some would likely risk everything, and that led to building the whole world, full of characters you'll recognize, from Dormouse to Caterpillar to the White Queen, and locations you'll love like The Looking Glass Lounge. 

This is NOT a fantasy book. It's a straight thriller with nods to the original fairy tale. I won't lie, this is VERY polarizing to Alice fans. People who read the original story are split right down the middle on whether they love it or hate it. 

Here are some reviews of the original short story. 

The World of Wonderland

Usually, I describe the world, but this time, I think I will leave that to Alice. BE FOREWARNED, there is a LOT of cursing in this passage. 

Back when the Red Queen ran things, everybody was happy. Yeah, everybody was high as a kite all the time, seeing shit that didn’t exist, and that certainly wasn’t ideal, but at least it was a gay old time. People didn’t care about mortgages, or drug addiction, or any of the million fucking things that popped up after she was ousted from office during The Lory Coup three decades ago. 

Because of that coup, I chased down criminals selling knockoff versions of the Queen’s goofy juice, White Rabbit. The city council had tried to suppress it, but Rabbit kept flaring up like herpes every couple of months. They can’t get rid of it because people want it.

Who wouldn’t?

People were desperate to forget their shitty lives, and White Rabbit was a pretty good way to do it—no, an excellent way to do it. Citizens tried getting their fix from LSD, weed, and magic mushrooms, but it wasn’t the same. There’s nothing like the rush of Rabbit. With Rabbit, everything else in your life melted away. When you were on Rabbit, you knew that your best friend was a flamingo, and you didn’t care. You just believed. You were one with the weirdness.

That’s what made it so special. That’s why everybody chased Rabbit, from housewives to senators to NARCO officers, and everybody in between. It transported you to a magical place. A place nothing like the shithole Wonderland became after the fall of the Red Queen.

Sure. Now we had justice. Now we had order. Now we had laws. But who the fuck needed laws when you could have tea with a rabbit and a walrus? Who the fuck needed justice when you could smoke opium with a caterpillar? 

Fucking nobody. That’s who. That’s why Rabbit’s never gone off the market. Sure, it’s ebbed and flowed over the years. When shit’s good, there’s little need for it, but more often than not shit was bad. That’s when the people of Wonderland needed Rabbit the most. Recently, it’s all gone to pot, which is why we’ve seen the biggest surge in Rabbit since the old days.

So, like...if you're into that, you'll like this duology. Otherwise, you won't.

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