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Are you sick of barely scraping by as a writer?

How long have you been trying to build your career? How many hours have you spent banging your head against a wall? How much money have you sunk into ads and marketing that just don’t work?

Now, what if you had a blueprint that could show you all the elements you need to build a creative career without feeling gross about it. How much would that be worth to you?

This bundle can’t guarantee you a successful career, but it can give you all the fundamental knowledge you need to set you up for success because it was written by a creative for a creative.

There are three books and literally HUNDREDS of hours of audio in the archives contained in this bundle.

How to Build Your Creative Career is set up in five sections: How to Make Great Content, The Basics of Sales, Building an Audience from Scratch, Making Money at Live Shows, and Launching your Product Successfully.

Every creative I’ve ever met is stuck at one of those stages of their career, and this book gives you the tools to open those floodgates, overcome those blocks in your own career, and supercharge your career.

So the question is this: if this book can break you through the blocks in your own life, what is it worth to you?

Are you tired of writing books that release to crickets? Are you sick of reading hundreds of articles about how to find more readers? Are you lost in a sea of information without any direction on how to move forward?

Then How to Become a Successful Author is the perfect book for you.

Russell Nohelty is a USA Today bestselling author who has spent a decade in the writing trenches building his own career, growing a network of successful authors, and helping hundreds of authors with their marketing. This book compiles the best tips, tricks, and hacks from his life, and the most powerful secrets he has learned from other authors about how to make six figures or more as an author.


  • Learn the secrets to self-publishing success
  • Discover the exact steps to landing a publishing contract
  • Find out how to build a network of successful authors
  • Launch a book successfully into Kindle Unlimited and wide on all platforms
  • Build an audience that’s eager to buy your books every time you launch

…And so much more.

There are over 50 hard-won lessons in this book, all borne from life as a successful writer. You’ll leave this book with the tools and ability to make a living as a writer without struggling every minute of the day.

How to Become a Successful Writer is broken up into three sections: Mindset, all about how to build focus, grit, and resilience, Writing, where Russell breaks down how to build a successful book from the ground up, and Marketing, where you’ll learn how to take your book and share it with the world.

This is the best book you’ll ever read on building a successful author career from the ground up, packed with everything you need to know to become a successful author, starting today.

Advanced Growth Tactics for Authors is a collection of essays on growing a creative business between 2015-2022 and we've now compiled them into one place. This book is filled with everything I learned about building a business that lasts and allows me to thrive. If How to Build a Creative Career is a beginner’s guide to building a writing business and How to Become a Successful Author builds on that for experienced authors, then this book is the master’s course.

***PLUS, as a special bonus for buying directly from me, get access to my lesson, lecture, interview, and live panel archives, along with access to my most powerful single lecture, How to Build an Audience from Scratch.***

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