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Black Market Heroine

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***As a special thank you for buying from my web store, I am including the audio commentary to this book free of charge ($10 value).***

Do you love fast-paced action? 

Are you gaga for monsters?

Are you obsessed with urban fantasy and magic? 

Then you'll love Black Market Heroine, part of The Godsverse Chronicles.

Ollie wasn't looking for trouble, but after she saved the Antichrist from being slaughtered, it came for her.

Ollie lived by one rule. Never get involved with anyone for any reason; humans, demons, fae folk, it didn't matter. They were all trouble. Keeping her distance was how she survived in the criminal underworld for so long.

Keep your head down and don't piss anyone off. That was her motto, especially since her clients all had access to powerful dark magic.

She thought she had a flawless system for keeping her nose clean, so how did she wind up in a stolen car, with a demon spawn in her back seat, driving away from her ex-lover and a gang of demons ready to skin her alive?

That's a good question.

And why did she agree to help save the demon's life so she didn't get sacrificed to open the gates of Hell?

An even better question.

She had one rule. One stupid rule. And goes right down the toilet.

Now, the only way for Ollie to get her life back is to save the girl, prevent the Apocalypse, and track down the people who betrayed her.

They will pay. Oh yes, they will all pay.

Black Market Heroine takes place in the mid-80s, soon after the third story in And Ruin Followed Behind Her, and a few years before And Darkness Followed Behind Her, which puts it roughly 35 years before the events of Katrina Hates the Dead

I have written this story as a stand-alone adventure. If you have read those books, there are a ton of Easter eggs for you to find, but if not, then you can still enjoy Black Market Heroine all the same. 

If you follow the Godsverse Chronicles, you know Kimberly, Julia Freeman's plucky assistant that went on to have her own book, and became an integral part of The Godsverse Chronicles. Aside from Velaska, she is my favorite Godsverse Chronicles character, and she makes her FIRST COMIC BOOK APPEARANCE in Black Market Heroine, as an integral part of the team that has to protect Anjelica from the demons who want to sacrifice her. 

***As a special thank you for ordering from my webstore, I am including the audio commentary into your order free of charge ($10 value)***

How did this book happen?

A couple of years ago at what used to be called Silicon Valley Comic Con and is now called SiliCon, I had a great name for a book called Black Market Heroine, but then it sat in my brain for a couple years, waiting for a spark to ignite it.

Then, in September of 2020, literally like a divine spark of inspiration, an idea came to me that made everything work and brought Black Market Heroine to life INSIDE the Godsverse.

Even though money was tight, I could NOT get the idea out of my head. So much so that I decided to bleed for a while in order to produce two OGNs at once, something I hadn't done since 2012.

I hired the incomparable Cammry Lapka to work on the series and we finished production on the book in July. 

The pandemic was a horrible thing for so many reasons, but I made such incredible art with so many people during it, and I will always look back at this project with such fondness for helping me stave off the worst parts of 2020.


  1. This is the first story in the Godsverse Chronicles, and it's the reason that it even makes sense as a series.
  2. The grumpy one and the happy's my favorite trope.
  3. The art is everything. I'm a huge Scott Pilgrim fan and this feels cut from the same cloth as far as style if not in tone.


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